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• Granite Ware 15.5Qt Stock Pot with Lid features a carbon steel core for strength.

• It has porcelain fused to the steel, producing a non-porous, inert glass surface, it is naturally nonstick and distributes heat evenly for convenient, easy cooking.

• Its innovative construction adds no chemicals to the food, so it preserves the natural taste, color and nutritional value.

• This Granite Wear pot is handy for soups, stews and much more so you are able to make enough to feed a large group or make extra to stock your freezer. 

• Porcelain enamel surface is an inert, non-porous and naturally non-stick surface

• No PFOA, PTFE or other harmful chemicals

Granite Ware 15.5Qt Stock Pot

SKU: 305698
  • Mexico

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