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• This Granite Ware Covered Round Roaster browns better and cooks more evenly than any other roaster.

• The dark interior absorbs all the oven's energy, the steel core evenly distributes the heat and the glass interior doesn't alter the taste. 

• Ideally suited for a 3-pound roast, this round roaster roasts even heating and faster cooking times because of its unique construction.

• Safe for metal utensils, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe!

• Holds up to 3 lbs poultry with the lid on.  

• Porcelain enamel surface is an inert, non-porous and naturally non-stick surface

• No PFOA, PTFE or other harmful chemicals 

Granite Ware 3lb Round Covered Roaster Black

SKU: 34863
  • Mexico

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