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• Two-Slice Toaster: Equipped with a wide slot that accommodates thicker breads, bagels, and waffles, plus a slide-through tray, this 2-slice toaster delivers perfect, ready-to-serve toast in 90 seconds or less

• This compact toaster includes a built-in serving tray that can be closed for storage and easily removed for cleaning; Finished toast slides through onto serving tray
• 7 shade settings make it simple to achieve your preferred shade of done and ensure consistent toasting; Convenient cancel button stops the toasting cycle
• This bagel toaster features a special bagel setting that toasts just one side and a gluten-free setting that toasts for longer, at a lower power, which produces better results for gluten-free breads

• Tray must be in the open/down position for toaster to operate. Clean crumb tray after use


SKU: 77224

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